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The ONLY known Coaches Certification Program that allows its students sign high ticket coaching clients in the first month of joining the program.

+ $6,000 BONUSES

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$1999, Yours FREE

As a BONUS you will get my Align Your Purpose & Your Niche 3 day intensive Online Course, where you will:

  • Understand what your spiritual gift and purpose is and how is it transforming people’s lives.

  • You will identify your specific unique niche as a coach and learn exactly how to communicate your value to your prospects.

  • You will learn 7 levels of different specific issues your clients have hidden behind the symptoms they talk about, and how you can solve them.

  • You will receive specific therapeutic and mindset tools to heal your ability to receive high fees for your work.


$1999, Yours FREE

As a BONUS you will get a an 8-week online course 



  • Social Media and Facebook

  • Audience and Message

  • Your Story

  • Competition

  • Your Brand

  • Automation

  • Book Funnel


BONUS: Marketing Intensives and Technology Demos


$1999, Yours FREE

As a BONUS you will get my Authentic Sales Deep Dive 8-week online 

course, which includes:

  • Fast Cash

  • Long Term and Short Term Money Making Strategies

  • Sales "Sane" Approach

  • Bonding and Pain

  • Sales Conversion & Ambitions

  • Powerful Close Paid in Full

BONUSES: Marketing Intensive and Healing Your Money Mindset

Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification Program.

Have weekly 90 min zoom calls with me where I will personally give your feedback on your trainings, assignments, marketing and signing up clients.


You will have a clear effective coaching, marketing, sales and personal therapeutic trainings online in video format to learn new ways to market, speak from stages, network and sell your high end coaching programs. 


You will learn how to write and publish a book, set up an effective website and begin doing FBlives that attract the right clients to you immediately. 


You will need 5 hours per week (or 1 hours per day) to implement all you learn, including your life calls with me and the practice coaching and sales sessions with your group members. 


Our groups have no more than 8-10 participants and you will be personally coached and guided by me at all times. 

This is a 4-Month Advanced Certification Program, that includes:

4 Monthly VIP Training Days:

  • Align Your Life's Purpose with Your Business Niche

  • Advanced Coaching for High Performance Techniques and Tools

  • Marketing Strategies for High End Coach Positioning

  • Professional Sales Negotiation and Close Practice

Weekly Group Feedback, Q&A, and Strategy Sessions

  • Get real live feedback on your assignments and strategies to sign up new clients weekly

  • Get personal coaching from Lira on your mindset issues, so you can breakthrough and create rapid progress in your coaching business

  • Get the healing you need to step up into your powerful self and charge your worth

Online Curriculum, Video Trainings, Demos, Clear Instructions and Workbooks

  • Learn why and how people transform via your specific coaching process

  • Create a 100% guaranteed 5-figure coaching, healing or consulting program

  • Set up a solid 6-figure Marketing System to generate qualified leads consistently, with no expensive ads or funnels

  • Learn how to communicate your value and sell your high ticket coaching programs on the spot

You can pay by PayPal or directly transferring money to my business account provided in your coaching contract. You can pay on the Admissions Call in full or make a deposit, minimum of $2,000.

  • You will get access to your online trainings and a private FB group as soon as the payment reached my account.

  • You will book a 30 min Accelerate Your Coaching, Healing and Consulting Business Orientation Session with me to walk you through your program and bonuses.

  • And you will join group business calls the same week. 


My goal for you is to create a 5-figure coaching, healing or consulting program you can guarantee, sell at least 3 High Ticket programs in 4 months, accelerate engagement and dramatically grow your audience consisting of your ideal clients vs people who can not afford you and triple your ability to close any sales. 



Your success on the program is directly related to how motivated and persistent you are in getting results, how fast you implement what you learn and how passionate you are about your purpose. 


I believe we are here to make an impact and what we do counts. 

Are you ready to start doing what matters and see yourself realized?! 


Click the link to apply for an Introduction Call with me and let’s get you started! 

Frequently asked Questions:

  • How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be the mentor of coaches 

I became a mentor and trainer for coaches after succeeding in my own life coaching business that I launched 5 years ago. 

Prior to that I had 20 years of experience in spiritual healing and teaching, training as a psychotherapist and working with serious cases using traditional therapeutic methods, curating artist and leaders around the world, facilitating workshops and creating communities.


But until I learned how to market and sell my work, I was hardly paid for all of that expertise. I know how important it is to not just have talents and skills, but also be diligent and progressive in running your own business.

I’ve learned, often, through trial and error, what would work for an expert-coach like myself, creative, highly skillful and on the mission to make a global impact.


My programs take into account the fact that we are fundamentally authentic and driven to serve. Our creativity and desire to help people can be a blessing as well as a curse. We don’t want to settle for average and we are prepared to take extra measures to see our life’s work realized. We also have doubts and fears and battle ourselves on a day to day basis.

I organically started teaching business and training coaches to deliver results faster and more authentically 3 years ago. 

I found myself succeed on the business programs that most of their participants failed at. I’ve analyzed and realized, why. Since then I started hiring coaches to help me with a particular issue in my business and to get support in leaping my business to the next level of income. There had been times when I worked with 4 different coaches at the same time and invested 6 figures to generate incredible growth, personal as well as professional. What I’ve learned were the elements of being financially and spiritually successful coach. 

I’ve seen what isn’t working, I eliminated it out of my programs. I tested and proofed what creates guaranteed results, and I only do and teach that. 

I am very aware that my programs might be controversial and go against the grain of what is wildly available out there in the business coaching industry. I can tell you straight, my methods are NOT for everyone. 

But if you are like me, self-motivated and obsessed with making a difference, then I would love to welcome you to SOIL Training Center. I’d love to help you succeed as a coach!

  • Who are your clients exactly? 

My clients are experts who transitioned into coaching and mentoring, or experts who want to become coaches. 

I accept experts who find great fulfillment in passing on their knowledge and experience, and see themselves as nurturers of and role models for leaders and influencers within our global community of conscious individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

I want you to join my programs if you had been successful in what you teach and have innate desire to work with real people, communities, organizations and make a difference.


  • What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field? 


Book an Introduction Call and we will speak and determine whether any of my programs would help your personal, business or professional growth.

  • What if I had been a stay-home mom?

I have specific requirements for people I want to work with. I am a mother of five children. One thing I learned, to succeed in coaching business you need more than just desire to help people and be a coach. Ask yourself: am I driven and consistent enough in my efforts to succeed in anything I decide to do? Can I play the long-term game? Why do I want to be a coach and have a business? Am I willing to market myself and sell my coaching?

Being a coach, in my opinion, comes with certain responsibilities: being a role model, ability to lead and support, being concerned with getting results for your clients, putting time and effort into developing and growing your skills as a coach and entrepreneur. 

Being a parent is one of the toughest things we do. So, yes, I believe, you might have what it takes to launch yourself as a coach. Whether you are willing to do the work to be financially successful is up to you. 

I personally love working with moms. I know exactly how you feel and what can get on the way. If you are serious about living your purpose and making a great income while at it, book a call with me and let’s talk it over. 

  • Should I hire you as my coach if I make more money than you?

Love this question! To stop the guessing game, I am going multiple 6 figures this year, with no team, funnels, email lists or huge advertising budgets. I work about 5 hours per week with my clients and spend about 2 hours per day on my business. I write books, I give back to community. I am a wife and a mother of 5 daughters. I don’t compromise my work or sacrifice my relationships, my health or my sanity to  be where I am.

I’ve overcome the trauma of my first husband committing suicide and finding myself a struggling single mother of 3, living in a foreign country, starting again. I had not only healed myself and found love, but I discovered my hidden source of inspiration and compassion. I deal with the ups and downs of life and I am the strongest person I actually know. 

I gotten over myself and my beliefs about what is possible for me. I opened myself to being powerful. I am not afraid. I know how to give and receive generously. 

I am a spiritual and energy healer with impressive track record, and a very well trained psychotherapist. 

I had healed and re-created myself over and over again to be not only successful but also happy. I have worked with celebrities and spiritual gurus, 7+ figure entrepreneurs, famous therapists, artists and writers, world-class leaders and innovators. I know how to support and how to lead the way. I have plenty of confidence and self esteem to deliver what I do best, no matter where you are at, as soon as you are willing to be challenged and receive healing and help. 

At your level of success you are not about learning more scaling or team management strategies or tricks, it’s more about your inner game. You need a new flow of energy and inspiration. You need courage to step up and face and overcome your own limitations. You understand that there’s no magic pill and are egger to do the work! 

So, yes, my higher level ($50K) program is perfect for that. You will get access to most of my lower level programs, that include community, and business, and coaching and therapeutic trainings, as a part of them. You will have opportunity to go much deeper with your coaching process, conceive new ideas and take yourself to the next level of impact and influence. You will use my methods to heal yourself so you can serve at your highest capacity. 

If Oprah has a coach, and there’s not many out there who had achieved the same financial success as her, I am sure you see why would you hire me, opposed to somebody who is already at 7 or multiple 7 figures. BTW, they charge much more for working personally with you. To get Tony Robbins on the call fixing your mindset, or give you the strategy for your specific business, would cost a million $$$. We both know, you don’t want to be one of the hundreds of members of “The Tribe”, looking up to a guru, who hasn’t got time to give you feedback and personally attend to your healing and progress.


The biggest difference for high performers who enter my highest level coaching program is that they work on achieving a greater dream, greater impact and greater income. We address underling issues and change behavioral patterns that lead you to sabotage your success. You’ll learn how to master yourself within your process and get the most out of your high achiever’s personality. Yes, there will be blood :) I mean, yes, the process of growth can look messy… but you aren’t afraid of it… and neither am I.

  • How are you different from other “business/life/spiritual coaches”?


I believe (and people started sharing this on SM), that Reality Check Is a New Spirituality. 

Yes, I will ask you to stop avoiding and ignoring the facts of life (and business). I will confront your Inner Child’s entitlement to get something for nothing. I will bring it to you as it is: healing, growth, business takes effort. 

I will challenge anybody who is asking you to ‘just use your intuition’ to run your business or get results for your clients. Unless you have wast knowledge and experience in working in your field, you can not claim to be intuitive at your process. (google the definition of ‘intuition’)


I will never ask you to find an answer in your heart/soul/spirit or channel your inner guide. You are hiring a coach because you’ve tried and couldn’t find the answer within. I respect that! 


I had been a spiritual healer and a teacher from the age of 17, yes, starting with speaking with dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of people, doing my work, practicing what I teach, walking my talk. I don’t take faith, or lack of faith, lightly. I know all too well, what despair and powerlessness can look like. I’ve studied, analyzed and mastered the art of spiritual practice. In my case it is non-religious, and would make a total sense from the psychological and practical point of view, and is proven to be immensely good for improving your life and evolving you as an individual. 

There are many paths to realizing our high potential and purpose. Tricky relationships, health challenges, addictions, money matters, failures of any kind, traumas, even love, success and highs of spiritual enlightenment can serve as a catalyst for healing, growth and contribution. I treat my own business, and would invite you to treat your business, as a spiritual path. Your work is really an opportunity to express your soulful and spiritual self, heal, grow and profoundly affect this world. 


I believe, your human experience is extremely important to your spirit, and I would never ask you to detach, bypass or neglect you physical or emotional self for the ‘greater good of all’. 


I specifically pay a lot of attention to courage, compassion and service as part of my spiritual teachings. 

I hate waisting time. And I don’t meditate unless I am ready to be completely present with my self, my life and with people around me. 

Is that different from any other spiritual business coaches out there? You tell me! :)


  • What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me? 

Don’t we all want to work with smart, high achieving geniuses, ready to implement everything we say. :) So, yes, all of that! And…

My tendency is to work fast. I expect you to follow through with your assignments and be interested in getting results. 

I don’t babysit my clients. I treat them as sane responsible adults within a process of rapid personal and professional growth. It can get bumpy (no instant gratification, delays, more work than you thought), but you need to be able to remain practical and do what it takes to make a progress. 

I’ve noticed I am attracting people very much like myself… with a complicated past… something to work on…. yet, remaining positive and strong in a face of a crisis. You’d know if that is you. 

My healing methods meant to be radical, so I never promise an easy ride. My clients say, I can see through their BS and be direct and ask them to do what they are most afraid of. So, you need to be up for that. 

Passionate about your work is a must. You don’t have a business if you aren’t making any money. But you started a business because you were called. Building a legacy will take time and patience and a lot of effort. Without passion you’ll give up and waist your investments on any program or with any coach. Do you truly care about your work?

  • What type of professional is this program NOT going to work for? 

For people who are failing on every program and with every coach they ever worked with. It doesn’t mean you aren’t going to succeed on my program, it’s just means you might have to examine your willingness to be coached and succeed, first. 

I know you wouldn’t want to have a client who is un-coachable and incapable. Neither do I. 

Also if you are in a middle of the personal crisis, and don’t have time to study, implement and show up for your sessions and practice, which takes approximately 5 hours per week, my programs are not for you.

My programs are also not for people in financial despair. I understand that we all had been there, and had to start somewhere and do with what we have. But if all you are worried about currently, is how to pay your next bill, you simply won’t have enough trust to implement new methods in coaching, healing, marketing and sales. You will also resist to go deep and personal with solving your underling issues and changing your self-sabotaging patterns. 

Yes, you will have powerful trainings on how to increase your cash flow, that you can use immediately, but my business program is not a magic pill and takes practical vs irrational approach to making it work. 

Best way would be to put money aside, and make an investment in yourself and your business, when you have space and means to grow. You can also browse my digital products and follow my free trainings online. Please, join any of my study groups and meetups around the world and subscribe to my newsletter with weekly tips and prompts for advancing entrepreneurs. 


  • Who can I blame if I procrastinate and don’t implement my program, and therefore don’t get any results?


I AM NOT A FIXER, I AM A COLLABORATOR. I make a move. You make a move. We are both working towards a one common goal: your success.

What would you tell your client who had procrastinated and sabotaged their success while on the coaching program with you? Write down your answer and flip it to be addressed to you. I really want to treat my clients as sane practical responsible adults who are fully accountable for their actions and results. If you want a magic pill to manifest you incredible success without your input, I am not a coach for you. I don’t refund or debate my fees.