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September 18, 2016

In my previous posts I promised you a great finding clarity exercise. The best way to find clarity is stay still for a moment and make effort to feel your body and your mind being totally present. Use all of your senses help you belong in this world. 

Now this clarity exercise, which is really an exercise in staying present, must become a practice. Clarity doesn’t come from your mind’s desperation to find an answer. Moment or a state of clarity is...

September 18, 2016

Friendly environment is optional, yet, hugely inspiring. When you lived long enough with an unfocused sight and then where given the glasses, or rather, taken off the shores, you would want to do three things: 

you would want to share your excitement about the clean bright world you discovered;

you want to have somebody to show you around, instead of trying to persuade them all you see is real;

and you want to do something, create something, having...

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