I am currently being cyber-bullied by a group of online vigilantes lead by Angela Keen a former radio host, well known for slander and publishing unchecked information and Karin o’Mahoney, who made it her personal goal to destroy my reputation, because:

When my family booked her AirBnb house (illegally listed as a private property), was actually occupied by her and her boyfriend, had builders on the property, her trash in the house. She informed us that the house is also infested by rodents and ants and proceeded to show us her bathrooms that didn't work properly.

When we told her we don't want to stay in the house and want a refund (we offered to pay her for the service and cleaning fees - even though we stayed in her horrible house only for 30 min) and move from the property to the house (across the street from her).

She first said yes, of course. She asked us not to tell her neighbors about her illegal listings - BTW on AirBnb site she was using a name Maria).

Then spoke on the phone to some people and then refused us the refund and started a campaign against my family, claiming that we broke the Hawaii quarantine laws and taking pictures of us inside our own backyard and showing them to people as they are done outside. 

She then reported us to the local authorities and (meanwhile taking 4 of her illegal airbnb listings off line to cover up) and posted, among with Angela Keen who is leading a 4,000 people group who harass people online (without checking the facts).

So far they had managed to flood the internet with distorted information about me, my work and my personal life.

I had been threatened, personally insulted. People were making racists remarks, commenting on my looks and my personality,

all, because I stood up to a bully. 

BTW, when we asked neighbors about her, they had warned us, that she is a horrible woman and had been reporting her own neighbors and harassing people whenever she feels like it. 

So if you are reading this, it's very likely that you are either from the vigilante group lead by Angela Keen or a personal friend of Karin o’Mahoney...


I am asking you to be decent and check the facts before you participate in cyber bulling or any other form of harassment (which is a criminal offense). 

On the more personal and philosophical level:

when you shame others, whether fairly or not, check in with yourself... are you the one without the sin? 

I assure you that this experience will not break my spirit or stop me from showing up in the world. It will make me stronger. 

Sorry if I offended you somehow and you have this irrational hate towards me... it's possible... I guess, to hate somebody without ever meeting them... 

I am wishing you peace and love in your life, so may be then, you won't feel so keen on attacking, offending or destroying people. 

And, for my awesome followers or people who are thinking about working with me... hey, what a ride!

2020 had been a hard year for me on many levels... this is just another blow that will grow me...

And you know how I always ask you to be real... yes, if you want to do your work and make a difference, there are always be an opposition.

And, so what!

I believe in fundamental goodness of life... so at the end of the day, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 

Sending you love, always.