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My name is Lira Kay and I am a Practical Creativity coach. My job is to teach you how to become a creator of your life. There're many ways one can start manifesting and creating positive changes and reaching for their dreams in this life. The process I am offering in this class will involve making art in a form of sketching, drawing, painting, creative writing, journalling, movement and role play.


I'm here to give you structured, in-depth attention and step-by-step guidance to help you break free from the tired and busy mindset and behavioral patterns rooted in the past, and transform you into a confident person enjoying the relationships and work that truly reflect your values. I am here to redefine femininity and masculinity and show how you can start living and loving passionately by reconnecting with your authentic strength, beauty and purpose.


This Art & Mindfulness course is inspired

by C.G. Jung's Red Book and my own life's journey.


Many of the exercises I am offering here I learned at my father's spiritual art school in early 90-s in Russia. My father was a well known artist and a spiritual teacher and taught me the basic principles of manifesting through art. As I studied psychology and metaphysics and  the Universal principles further  I discovered many more methods and techniques to create the life one desires to live. After over 20 years of using these methods, I still consider art to be the one of the most powerful tools among them. 

I am delighted to share some of the process with you in this Art & Mindfulness course.

Level One is all about looking into depth of your soul that was given to you.

Level Two will get into details of manifesting and attracting people, things and opportunities into your life that would make your soul's journey in this world a beautifully aligned with your divine purpose and making your life a successful and exiting adventure. 


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